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In 2017 after 11+ years as a retail shop, I decided to create a different, with some of the same, version of Lofty Living.

Now that the dust has settled in this evolution of Lofty Living, I am once again doing and enjoying what had me first decide to open Lofty Living in 2006, with the addition of what I have since learned are also my passions.

I can honestly say, I love what I do!

Shelagh Anderson | Founder + Managing Director since 2006

After having been in retail for 24 years, and an entrepreneur for 13+ years, my love for helping people and my want to provide a greater value had me look for ways I could continue to source and provide my customers with what helps them live loftier, but also help entrepreneurs get where they want to go.

I have designed an array of customizable, affordable services and partnership options that allow us to support, share and collaborate with all the products, brands, services, and even bloggers we love!  We want everyone, every person or partnership brave enough to follow their dreams into the self-employed entrepreneurial world to succeed. What we do allows us to support them in that process, while we continue sourcing, providing and connecting our customers to the great brands, products and services they have grown accustomed to Lofty Living bringing them, just in a different way.

In this new version of Lofty Living, my trade and love for Interior Design, and passion for everything aesthetic and on-trend is still very much the foundation of the services offered.  So of course we still offer our Interior Design, Styling + Furniture services, it's that foundation of design that also enables us to create original, effective, on brand Social Media content and quality social media feeds.

Like so much of Lofty Living's growth, our Social Media + Brand Services were a natural progression, born from requests. And it's our background and understanding as a retailer and having built our own brand and an organic following that enables us to work with businesses and create a strategy and marketing plan to help build their own strong social media and brand presence.

Using our social media platforms, The Curated by Lofty Living and The Lofty Living Love List blogs, and creating unique Product Collaborations with other amazing businesses, I am able to continue connecting our followers who Lofty Living remains a go-to for Interior Design, home décor, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services to these other amazing people, businesses, products/services.

We hope you will collaborate with us, use our services, or follow along to find new products, services, businesses and people to follow along with and support in their journey's to providing value to you as well!

xo Shelagh